Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo

Short Stories 2011
DiEdwardo and Pasda. The Passing Light. American Book Publishing. Due 2010.

DiEdwardo, Maryann. The Fourth “R” A Book to Promote the Journey through Hispanic American Literary History to Develop Language Skills. Bloomington, Indiana: Authorhouse, 2008. Review: “Dr. DiEdwardo's book is a ‘must have’ for all educators, especially for those who teach students of other languages. The book is simple, and its components are easy to follow. What I find particularly compelling about this book is the idea to use authors from the students' home country to enhance self-esteem and pride, in addition to creating individual voices. ” Toni Velleca, ESOL Teacher

Music Transforms the College English Classroom.
The Legacy of Katharine Hepburn, Fine Art As A Way of Life.
DiEdwardo, Maryann and Pasda Patricia. The Horse Keeper: The Healing Gifts of Painting and Writing about Horses. Philadelphia: Infinity Publishing, U.S.A. 2008.
The Art of Trees
Pennsylvania Voices Book I The Horse Prophet
Pennsylvania Voices Book II Appaloosa Visions
Pennsylvania Voices Book III Appaloosa Dreams
Pennsylvania Voices Book IV The River Keeper
Pennsylvania Voices Book V The Legacy of Allison
Pennsylvania Voices Book VI Collection of Fiction and Non-Fiction
Pennsylvania Voices Book VII Living Literacy through Technology and Music to Develop Self-Efficacy in Computer Enhanced College English Composition Classes
Pennsylvania Voices Book VIII The Artist’s Sketch Book
Pennsylvania Voices Book IX journaling, blog, wiki, tools for writers
Pennsylvania Voices Book X Writing Based on History: Techniques to Teach Writing through History
The Marvelous Nature Alphabet Book
Horses about Hope, the art of myth, legend, and graphic writing
On Healing: Inspiration through Writing, the writer’s voice.

Pennsylvania Voices On Healing: Cancer Survival Through Prayer, Painting and Writing. Orlando, Xulon Press, 2007.

DiEdwardo, Maryann. Brown Bagazine 4. “Like the Snow.” Spring 2008. Tucker, Georgia: Gypsy Daughter. Editor, Any Lynn Hess.
“Spring Wind” “Cloud Shadow” “Gentleness” “Friend Frog” “Nutritious Fun” “Anointing” “Daffodil” “Dances” “The Gate” “Soar” were in a book co-authored and illustrated by Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo entitled Write a Book of Haiku that was recognized by Dan Poynter and first appeared in 1994.
“Joseph” won Honorable Mention, first appeared in American Poetry Anthology Volume VI, Number 1, Spring 1986.
“Growing Toward Death” semi-finalist, first appeared in The International Library of Poetry 2002.
“Like the Snow” first appeared in Pennsylvania Voices Book Three co-authored and illustrated by Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo 2006.
“Rivers” first appeared in Pennsylvania Voices Book Three co-authored and illustrated by Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo 2006.
“The Day the Trees Spoke” first appeared the The Art of Trees co-authored and illustrated by Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo 2006.