Zombie Archetypes Enliven Creative Non-Fiction Writers and Poets by
Maryann DiEdwardo
Presented for the Pennsylvania College English Association Conference at The Pennsylvania State University in 2014 Fall

Ian McKellen. Gandalf the White. Jackson, Peter, Dir. Walsh, Screen Play. Two Towers. 2002.

“He was strong in life. His spirit will find its way.”

Copyright 2015 Maryann DiEdwardo
THESIS: Zombie Archetypes of the masculine and feminine reverse roles and create death as a paradigm for healing from the pain of life on earth. 

Archetypes are personified symbols of various human qualities. I believe that Zombie is the shadow archetype which is rebellious and out of harmony (Vogler xxiii) with laws of nature. My initial use of the Zombie archetype as a teaching device started in 2011 when I created a presentation segment of the ENGL002 Literature and Composition class related to the concepts in popular culture based on the Zombie archetype. Upon the creation of a Zombie archetype, the writer creates a new reflection of the present reality. By telescoping into the creation of a Zombie myth, the writer experiences healing. Juxtaposition of current Zombie archetypical characters and creative non-fiction projects and poetry writing workshops inspire 21st century writers. “The concept of archetypes is an indispensable tool for understanding the purpose or function of characters in a story” (Vogler 24).